About me

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to introduce myself to you. My name is Ben Dekker out of the Zwolle congregation Holland.                     
I was announced in the Holland Winter Conference, February 2006 as an Evangelist under the ministry of Pastor Evert Valk.

Me and my Family, we are based in the Zwolle Congregation, Holland

About myself: I’ve been saved within this fellowship for 20 years. When I got saved I was hooked on alcohol, totally depressed, went from psychiatrist to psychiatrist, stayed even in a mental hospital for almost a year, using all kind of pills, finally ready to commit suicide and on that very day, planning to do so, somebody told me about Jesus Christ and I got saved!

From that moment, my life totally changed, I Never saw any psychiatrist anymore, No more pills, No alcohol, No depression  what so ever, but God filled me with Joy, a Positive Attitude and blessed me with a wonderful family.

About my Ministry: I served God faithfully in my home church in Leeuwarden, Holland were I was saved, before we were launched out as pioneers in the City of Assen, because of a changing of leadership in our home church, my pastor that time called us to come back and being a help during the change. 2 years later we were asked to take over a church in the City of Emmen, where we stayed for another 7 years.

In January 2006 Past Valk from the Zwolle Congregation challenged me to become a Evangelist, from that moment I really felt, this is Gods Call for my life, for He opened up doors for me to preach the Gospel in different parts of the World and see many many people saved, healed and restored.
One of the reasons I think God is using me, I am very aware who I was before I got saved, God did a tremendous miracle in me and still I am very Enthusiastic and Thankful for that, longing to share that to other people all over the world.

Gifting: God has blessed me with some spiritual gifts, Healing, Words of knowledge/wisdom and operating in the Gift of Encouragement and Consolation.

If there is in any way, shape or form that I can contribute to your ministry by way of preaching revivals, I would like to make myself available to your congregation.

Thank you for your attention and look forward to hearing from you if I can be a blessing to you and your congregation.

God bless

Ben Dekker
R. Zwederlaan 10, 8042 CC, Zwolle Holland
Email: BenFdekker@hotmail.com
Phone: 038-4233750 Mob: 0627268250




het doel van deze website is vooral buitenlandse pastors te informeren over mijn bediening.